You can now get up to KES 1,000, processed between 5 minutes to 24 hrs

About Phoenix Capital

Phoenix capital is Micro Finance lending Institution licensed under the company’s act that was founded 8 years ago to provide emergency loans to every needy working person in Kenya.

Log Book Loan

Phoenix Capital Kenya now offers up to 60% of the car value and the process takes less than 12 hours.

Salary Advance/Loan

Salaried individuals can now get Phoenix Capital salary advance/Loan of up to 1/3 of the net salary

Secured Loans

We also provide a collateral based loans; among the assets you can borrow against includes laptops, Ipads, Tablets or a phones.

LPO Financing

Phoenix Capital Kenya now partners with SMEs to finance LPOs from reputable organizations. This is done through a simplified appraisal process afterwhich financing of up to 100% of the LPO price is done.

Import Financing

Phoenix Capital is also known for the import financing solution; Maybe you need money to clear your cargo or need to pay your suppliers for the import, Phoenix covers it all.

SME Loans

Phoenix Capital provides solutions especially in the areas of personal loans to individuals and guarantees to business organizations